Karen Alsop is well known for her Anthropomorphic works, where she cleverly puts animals into human-like situations. Her award-winning photographic art is quirky, humorous, and engaging.

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The exhibition ‘Animal Tales’ incorporates 3 of her animal-focused series including ‘Animal Puns’ – featuring hidden sayings for the viewer to find within the work. ‘Homeless Wildlife’ is a heart-wrenching series showing Australian rescue wildlife in human-like situations, bringing to the forefront the challenges these native animals face. Aussie Wildlife Adventures portrays Australian Wildlife enjoying Puffing Billy and the local tourist attractions.

The Animal Tales exhibition takes place at the Puffing Billy Visitor Centre, Emerald Lake Park. These are the works included in the exhibit. These works can be ordered to your preferred size and Karen will print them and deliver them to your address.

Visit the Story Art Gallery and the Puffing Billy Animal Tales Exhibition.

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PHONE KAREN ON 0416 233 451