Cat Transaction


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In this digital photographic artwork, I sought to capture the complex and sometimes sinister relationship that can exist between a predator and its prey. Using Photoshop, I composite multiple captures together to create a scene in which a cat is weighing and preparing to sell its mice in a classic olden days store, as if the mice were a commodity to be traded.

Through the use of vibrant colors and a sense of nostalgia, I aim to create a sense of tension and intrigue, inviting viewers to consider the darker side of the natural world. The cat’s sly expression and the mice’s nervous poses remind us of the power dynamics that exist between animals, and of the ways in which one species can exert control over another.

Whether viewed as a commentary on the intersection of the natural and the commercial worlds or as a cautionary tale, this artwork is sure to challenge and engage viewers. I hope that it will encourage people to look more closely at the animals that share our planet and to consider the many ways in which we can learn from and respect the natural world.

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Fine Art Archival Rag loose print, Standard Canvas (15 year guarantee), Fine Art Archival Canvas (75 year guarantee)


16" long side, 24" long side, 40" long side, 70" long side


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