Down the Rabbit Hole


Fine Art Archival Prints are presented on Museum Quality Rag paper loose, ready to frame

Fine Art Archival Canvases have a 75 year guarantee. They are printed on the highest quality museum grade canvas and come ready to hang.

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Escape to a place of wonder. Take a leap down the rabbit hole. This collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired artwork is perfectly suited to imaginative souls who crave adventure and imagine another world where dreams come true.

Step into a world of imagination and wonder with Down the Rabbit Hole, the second artwork in Karen Alsop’s Wonderland Series. Inspired by the classic tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this digital photograph invites the viewer to take a leap down the rabbit hole and to explore a world where dreams come true.

I aim to capture the sense of adventure and possibility that lies at the heart of the Alice in Wonderland story and to invite the viewer to consider the many ways in which we can let our imaginations take flight. The tall, grand format of the artwork is perfectly suited to an entryway, foyer, or other large, tall space, and the subtle reference to the magic of the rabbit hole adds a sense of playfulness and wonder.

Whether viewed as a tribute to the enduring power of storytelling or as a celebration of the boundless potential of the human imagination, Down the Rabbit Hole is sure to delight and engage. I hope that this artwork will encourage viewers to embrace their own sense of wonder and to explore the many adventures that life has to offer.

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Fine Art Archival Rag loose print, Standard Canvas (15 year guarantee), Fine Art Archival Canvas (75 year guarantee)


16" long side, 24" long side, 40" long side, 70" long side


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