Homeless Koala


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This is the third in a series about Wildlife Rescue and Wildlife Rescuers. This artwork is intended to tell this story, but in a way that is not as confronting as some of the imagery that you’ve seen online of injured and dead wildlife.
I wanted this piece to soften hearts to connect with every day everyday people that may not have thought about the consequences of driving fast, or leaving an injured animal on the side of the road.
A soft, cute and cuddly picture that at first glance you may miss the message, but as you read into it further, it hits you.
Homeless Koala” is the 3rd in the Homeless Wildlife series. Each artwork tells the unique story of the native Australian species and the challenges they face. The purpose of the artwork is to seek an emotional response from the viewer, by putting animals in more human-like homeless scenarios. Viewers then put themselves in the situation, to the extent where they may even picture their own children in the scene. The anthropomorphisation of the animals ensures that the artwork hits home, bringing social awareness of their plight in a way that has not been seen before.
In April 2021 I visited Koalas of Raymond Island (KORI) to photograph their rescue Koalas Alby, Harlow and Max. The volunteer team welcomed me to the island and Shelley Robinson shared the heart-wrenching stories of Koalas they have rescued on the island. Stories of hope and rehabilitation and stories of loss.

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Fine Art Archival Rag loose print, Standard Canvas (15 year guarantee), Fine Art Archival Canvas (75 year guarantee)


16" long side, 24" long side, 40" long side, 70" long side


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